About Buddug Y Byd

Buddug Y Byd’s vision is to facilitate and build a dynamic hub (online and in the physical world) where neurodiverse people can interact with employers and each other to access tools and information for their shared benefit. The first iteration will be an app allowing clients to upload material for job applications, including materials for incorporation into a non-standard CV and other means of expressing their skills and ability, All our services and anything provided/created by the company is created through user-led research and development.

BYB will embrace and is carrying out a range of services including, but not limited to, advocacy, training, consultancy, coaching, user research, signposting and offering practical guides and resources. BYB is also responsible for subletting a local cottage where we take responsibility for any upkeep, maintenance and customer handling.

Buddug y Byd is a small start-up with a big vision for a world where neurodivergent and neurotypical people value each other and can work together without discrimination and barriers.

Buddug y Byd will act as a hub for freelancers, particularly in the creative industries, and as an educator and innovator, transforming support provided by organisations funded to support neurodivergent people into work and advising forward-thinking companies on how to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the skills and creativity of neurodivergent people. By preferentially outsourcing within the neurodivergent community, Buddug y Byd creates high-value work for neurodivergent people.

The aim is to develop into a sustainable company with a strong value-driven brand and a small highly committed workforce. The company’s long-term growth strategy is to support the development of offshoots and spin-offs rather than increase its centrally employed workforce beyond a core of four to six People.

Buddug y Byd is developing a number of products and services for those seeking work and those needing to buy in services. The company’s focus is on co-design, in particular, digital design and the design of service and its foundational value is ‘nothing for us without us’.

Buddug y Byd is an international company based in Mumbles and already working remotely and globally as part of collaborations with creative and PA organisations.

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